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Who Do You Support in Obama’s War with Fox News?

Left wing NPR probably didn’t expect Fox News to garner more support from readers of their blog, but that’s exactly what’s happening at the moment. As of the writing of this post, 59% of respondents to the NPR poll side with Fox News versus 39% who support the White House in the Obama administration’s war with the network.

Who do you support, Fox or Obama’s Propaganda Ministry?

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100K Call ObamaCare Propaganda Push TUE OCT 20, 2009

Originally posted by Jared Law on The 912 Network: We Surround Them!

If you want to blunt their efforts, call on BOTH TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, the 20th and 21st of October, 2009! First call yours, then call everybody else’s! If you can only call one day, call on the 20th; if it’s busy, keep calling as long as possible!

Remember that the Founding Fathers had to take a leaky, creaking, microbe- and virus-riddled ship for MONTHS just to go and petition the King! While we have done much, we must be in it for the long haul! Please share this with every American you know who isn’t thrilled with the direction our country is going in; with every American who isn’t blindly worshiping the current administration!

Do you think it will help to flood their phone lines with OUR calls OPPOSING the so-called HealthCare “reform?” I submit that it will, and it might even embolden some of them to do the RIGHT THING!

Regardless of how they justify the bill, it’s something they probably haven’t read, it’s something where they simply don’t understand all that’s in there, and they can claim it’s “deficit-neutral” all they want, but they’re assuming it will cost LESS than it will, and they will HAVE TO, regardless of their claims to the contrary, at the worst possible time, use HIGHER TAXES AND INCREASE OUR NATIONAL DEFICIT (and therefore our National Debt, which is in the TENS OF TRILLIONS BEFORE HealthCare “reform”), increasing theft from taxpayers by YET ANOTHER 2 TRILLION DOLLARS, all while destroying the value of the dollar! And it was reported yesterday by Fox News Channel that they’re only counting the FIRST YEAR of costs, when it’s just getting started, ignoring EVERY SUBSEQUENT YEAR covered by the spending in the bill, once again, to make it appear deficit-neutral!

Even ENRON and GLOBAL CROSSING executives would be deeply embarrassed to have to defend such corrupt accounting practices!

Also, as Glenn mentioned on his show earlier this week, they’re raising taxes for a full TEN YEARS to pay for costs of a FIVE YEAR span of time. This is even more unsustainable than Medicare and Social Security are, today!

What they have planned defies logic and reason.

Most of us probably never attributed HALF of what they’ve done to our beloved country in EIGHT MONTHS to the entire FIRST TERM of Barack Hussein Obama during the election, at least, not out loud, in public.

If our Founding Fathers were here, I believe they would encourage us to throw a wrench in the works an STOP CONGRESS from passing ANY legislation until we can fix the imbalance of extreme, radical Marxist-leaning so-called “progressives.” Any Principled Patriot would feel a duty to admit the truth: anybody who voted for TARP, the Stimulus package(s), the bloated budget, etc. is PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Let’s HOLD THE LINE, make our phone calls, to ensure Congress doesn’t feel pressured by the extreme, radical Marxist push to enable a government takeover of our HealthCare system! Let’s overwhelm this assault on our liberty! We Surround Them!!


United States House of Representatives

United States Senate

What say you?

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CNN serves in Propaganda Ministry for Obamacare

Before we showed you a teacher using her class to indoctrinate the next generation as worshipers of Obama.  But now it’s getting worse.

Watch the video below to see CNN acting as the propaganda arm for the Obama administration in its bid to sell a  government takeover of the US health care system.  Worse yet, the network uses school children to help the President sell his flawed plan.

It’s no longer just indoctrination instead of education, but now we’re seeing the MSM volunteer its services to the Propaganda Ministry of the administration.

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Training the little children…

…to adore their Dear Leader.

I wish I could say this was unbelievable. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to believe.

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Welcome to Obamacare Theater

by Michelle Malkin on

The White House sure likes to put on a show. Fresh off its joint stage production with ABC News, the Obama administration broadcast another health-care propaganda play this week under the guise of a citizen “town hall.”

Chicago consigliere and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett managed the floor and human props for Obama. In a telling moment as the event kicked off, she protested a wee bit much: “I want to emphasize that the president has not seen the questions ahead of time.” The audience responded with polite laughter.

But the denials of pre-planning and stacked decks deserve nothing but derisive mockery. Obama’s town hall was filled with backroom players and a supporting cast of socialized medicine activists and ideologues. One of the three lucky audience members whom Obama chose for questioning was Jason Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum works for the Washington, D.C.-based Health Care for America Now (HCAN). That’s the same K Street Astroturf outfit I reported on last week — the one with a $40 million budget to lobby for government-run health care. The one inextricably linked to left-wing billionaire George Soros.


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