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Why Won’t They Sign? (Update)

UPDATE–104 Republicans, still NO Democrats have signed the Pledge!!!

UPDATE–3 more Republicans signed the pledge. 104 Republicans, NO Democrats. Why?????

UPDATE–3 more Republicans signed the pledge. 101 Republicans, NO Democrats. Why?????

It’s a sad thing that our elected representatives would refuse to read sweeping legislation that would impact every American before voting on it, but that’s the attitude among Democrats in Washington these days. Here’s Representative John Conyers (D-MI) telling the National Press Club there’s no point to reading the bills he votes on because he can’t understand what he reads anyway!

I guess that’s why NO Democrats have signed Let Freedom Ring’s Responsible Health Care Reform Pledge.  Of the 535 members of Congress, only 98–all Republicans–have signed the pledge promising to read the bill before voting for it and guaranteeing the American people access to inspect the bill for a minimum of 72 hours prior to any such vote.

Why won’t the Democrats sign?  Perhaps Conyers speaks for the entire majority in the US House.  Why read it if they’re incapable of understanding it?

Use the links on the right side of this page to contact your Congressmen and Senators and demand they sign the pledge!

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Help Grade Obama’s First 6 Months!

I received an email from Michael Steele and the RNC with an opportunity to help let the world know just how much Americans hate Obama’s Socialist movement. Rate the President on his performance over the past six months on:

  • Economy
  • National Security
  • Transparency & Ethics
  • Media Spin
  • Rewarding Special Interests
  • Taxes & Spending

Here’s the email from Michael Steele:

Dear John,

It’s now been six months in office for our learn-on-the-job Chief Executive.

And this is your opportunity to give Barack Obama a six-month report card. How is he doing on the economy? How about national security, health care, and the other crucial issues that America faces?

You can assign your own grades to President Obama here, and check out the results from fellow Republicans across the country.

Let Barack Obama and his Democrat allies know how YOU rate their handling of the difficult challenges we face. Do it today!


Michael Steele
Chairman, Republican National Committee

P.S. John, you and the Republican Party are all that stand between the Obama Democrats and further erosion of our liberty and security. That’s why I hope you’ll take this opportunity after grading Barack Obama to help support principled, commonsense Republican candidates who will offer America’s voters a better way forward by making an online contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500 or $1,000 to the RNC today. Thank you.

Take the opportunity to give Obama his grade today!

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Why Won’t They Sign?

UPDATE 3:16 PM CST (7/24/09)–1 more Republican signed (87 so far), ALL Democrats still refuse to sign the pledge!

UPDATE 8:09 PM CST (7/23/09)–3 more Republicans signed (86 so far), NO Democrats have signed the pledge!

UPDATE 7:23 PM CST (7/22/09)–2 more Republicans signed (83 so far), still no Democrats taking the pledge.

UPDATE 12:18 PM CST (7/22/09)–3 more Republicans signed today, still no Democrats taking the pledge.

UPDATE 3:39 PM CST–78 Republicans have now signed, still not a single Democrat

UPDATE 1:17 PM CST–Statement from Senator Blanche Lincoln (see below)

As of 12:16 pm CST, only 76 of the 535 members of Congress have signed The Responsible Health Care Reform Pledge being promoted by Let Freedom Ring, Inc.  Here’s the pledge:

It’s simple and straightforward.  Read and understand the yoke you are placing around our necks and give us ample time to examine it for ourselves before you limit our choices and place our health care system at the mercy of federal bureaucrats.

Not a single Democrat has signed the pledge! Ask yourself why?

We also need to ask why every Republican hasn’t signed yet.  Call your Congressmen and Senators and ask what’s keeping them from taking this pledge.

Early this morning, I contacted the offices of both my Senators, Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, and my Representative, Marion Berry.  I identified myself as a constituent and a blogger and was referred to their press secretaries.  None of the three were available so I left a detailed message on their voice mail asking for a statement as to whether they intend to sign the pledge and, if not, why not.  Three hours later, I have yet to receive statements from any of the three.

I’ll update this post if I hear from any of the three.

Statement from Senator Lincoln’s office

“Senator Lincoln shares the concerns of most Americans about the outcome of the current health care debate. As a Member of the Senate Finance Committee, she is working on a daily basis to write a health care reform proposal that will stabilize health care costs, quality, and coverage for all Arkansans and all Americans. This process will leave her well-versed on any proposal put forward by the Senate Finance Committee. This committee is charged with the responsibility of paying for health care reform and Senator Lincoln has made clear that she will support a plan that does not add to the deficit and does not raise taxes on hardworking Arkansas families.”

*Thanks to Senator Lincoln’s Press Secretary Katie Laning Niebaum for responding!

Still no pledge to sign, and no explanation why not but at least the Senator’s office makes an effort to her constituents.

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Dems’ Health Plan Will Increase Costs for Families, Small Businesses

Mon Jul 20, 2009
By House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio)

Middle-class families are struggling every day with rising costs of housing, food, transportation, and taxes.  But for many, rising costs of health care are the most devastating of all.  That’s why Americans’ top priority during the ongoing health care debate is a plan that will reduce costs.  Unfortunately, the government takeover of health care offered by the Washington Democrats will not reduce costs; instead, it will dramatically increase costs – for your family, America’s small businesses, and all taxpayers.

Last week, Douglas Elmendorf, the director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) sent shockwaves through Washington when he told Congress that the Democrats’ plans would make health care more costly.  Throughout this debate, President Obama has spoken of the need to “bend the cost curve” or drive health care costs down.  During a congressional hearing, however, Mr. Elmendorf testified that the Democrats’ plans would have the opposite effect, saying that under their proposals, “The curve is being raised” and costs would “significantly expand.”  That’s because the Democrats’ plan adds a new layer of taxes, mandates, and bureaucracy on top of the current system.  If that’s not bad enough, the Democrats’ plan cuts Medicare and takes away choices for millions of seniors.  What does all of this mean?  Higher costs for the medicine and treatments you need.

Not only will the Democrats’ government-run health care plan raise your costs, but it also will raise costs for our nation’s employers – particularly small businesses.  At the heart of their proposal is a small business tax that, for tens of millions, means diminished job securityThe National Federation of Independent Businesses warns that the small business tax and mandates in the Democrats’ plan will destroy 1.6 million jobs – one million of them in small businesses alone.  And according to methodology developed by Dr. Christina Romer, the chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, the government takeover would cost Americans 4.7 million jobs over the next 10 years.  With our economy at its weakest since the Great Depression and unemployment soaring far beyond the levels promised by the Administration, why would Congress promote policies that make jobs even more scarce?

In addition to warning that the Democrats’ plan will raise health care costs, the Congressional Budget Office also has projected that the House Democrats’ proposal would increase the deficit by another $239 billion over the next 10 years.  And even though the President continues to claim that those who like their current health care plans can keep them under the Democrats’ proposal, independent analysts disagree.  One analysis shows that 114 million Americans may be forced off their current coverage and onto a government-run plan as a result of the House Democrats’ legislation.  That means more costs to the taxpayers.  The bottom line: while Democratic leaders continue to claim that health care legislation must be “paid for,” the House Democrats’ bill is not.  Instead, it will force us to borrow more from China and countries in the Middle East and stick our children and grandchildren with the tab.

Faced with the Democratic bill’s extraordinary costs to families, small businesses, and taxpayers, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) suggested last week that Democrats should go “back to the drawing board.”  I agree, and that’s why House Republicans have offered real reforms that would lower health care costs.   Our plan roots out waste, fraud, and abuse in the system and reforms medical liability rules that cost families millions each year – millions that line the pockets of trial lawyers at the expense of patients and doctors.  It lets small businesses band together through associations and purchase health insurance for workers at a lower cost, just like large corporations and unions do.  It offers incentives to help Americans who do not have access to quality health care get the coverage they can afford, while giving states tools to design programs that make health care coverage more affordable.  And it reforms regulations so insurance companies compete for your business and you can shop around for the best coverage and price.

Health care reform is too important to rush through a flawed proposal that will raise costs – the opposite of what the American people want.  After the Obama Administration insisted that Congress rush to enact a “stimulus” bill that – by any objective account – has not created the jobs that were promised, Washington cannot afford to make that same mistake on health care.  Nonetheless, it appears Democratic leaders will stubbornly try to ram through this bill before Congress leaves for the August break with little debate or discussion, even as many rank-and-file Democrats express serious concerns about what a costly government-run plan would mean for families and small businesses.  It’s time for Democrats to scrap their government takeover of health care and work with Republicans on a plan that gives more Americans access to affordable coverage.

Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) is the House Minority Leader and a leading voice in the Republican party. He is currently serving his 10th term representing the 8th Congressional District of Ohio.

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