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To Lose a War

by Pat Buchanan at

While America was consumed this summer with quarrels over town-hall radicals, “death panels,” the “public option” and racism’s role in the plunging polls of Barack, what happens to health care is not going to change the history of the world.

What happens in Afghanistan might.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal has done his duty. He has bluntly told his commander in chief what he must have in added combat troops and warned that if he does not get them, America faces “mission failure.”

Translation: a Taliban victory and U.S. defeat, as in Saigon 1975.

Not only does President Obama face the most critical decision of his young presidency, this country is facing a moment of truth. Obama, now the Decider, has four options.

There is the Biden option of drawing down troops, drawing away from Hamid Karzai, and focusing McChrystal’s men on what they do best — running down and killing al-Qaida, be they in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Second is the option of indecision — holding off on more troops until the 68,000 already committed have arrived by December, and seeing how McChrystal does with them until spring.

The third option is to give McChrystal some but not all the tens of thousands he says he needs.

Final option: Give Gen. McChrystal the blank check George W. Bush gave Gen. David Petraeus, with the surge of 2007 in Iraq, which radically reduced the violence and set the stage for U.S. withdrawal beginning in 2010.


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US barbaric? Oh, hell no…


While the Obama administration stokes the fires of liberals’ hatred of the Bush administration with the latest evidence of the “torture” of terrorists, America’s enemies strengthen their stranglehold on their populations using tactics so cruel most US citizens can’t even imagine their level of barbarity. But the same liberals who decry the CIA practice of pouring water on the heads of captured terrorists will have to use their imagination, because the MSM won’t publicize it!

The NY Times’ editorial page will display a cartoon of the Statue of Liberty cracking a whip*, but they won’t display the almost inconceivable barbarity of those who will use that cartoon in their propaganda campaigns to foment hatred of and violence against the US and her citizens.

Warning: The following video shows the Pakistani Taliban executing a couple accused of adultery, shooting them down in cold blood.

Tell me again, liberals, how any US practices described in the “torture” memos can compare to the barbarity of these animals!

This is the nature of the enemy we fight and, yes, there will be times we must use harsh tactics to prevent the spread of their barbarous practices to our shores. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest should be praising the interrogators for protecting us from these monsters.

So liberals, get over the fact that some of these animals got a little wet during their interrogations!

*I won’t link to or publish this cartoon due to its propaganda value to our enemies.

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