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What are the ‘3 little piggies’ up to?


Here’s the latest I could find on the “3 Little Piggies” in the headlines.

Chrysler:  Shutting all North American plants down for at least 1 month to cut costs.  This would have been a lot less painful if they’d have started trimming costs months ago when they should have seen this coming.

GM:  Halts construction at plant to build new hybrid model.  This is a prime example of the poor management decisions that led to GM’s current state of affairs.  Instead of closing plants that produce models the public doesn’t want, models that are losing GM money, it halts construction of the facility that could possibly make it more competitive and actually make it money.

UAW:  Still not willing to make concessions to save autoworkers’ jobs.  Even with the domestic auto industry on the brink of collapse, UAW chief Ron Gettelfinger still won’t consider concessions to bring the Big 3’s labor costs more in line with foreign automakers with plants in the US.

We’re looking for any news on the whereabouts or activities of the leaders of our 3 Little Piggies.  If you spot them out and about, let us know.  If you can get pictures of them, or videos, without being rude or intrusive, we’d love to have those too.

Remember to call or email the White House and let them know you’re opposed to Socialism in America.

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How much did the “3 Little Piggies” make last year?

The 3 Little Piggies have ignored all the warning signs that pointed to the tanking of their

Three Little Piggies

Three Little Piggies

industry for years.  While Ford was working to restructure and make their business model competitive in today’s market, GM and Chrysler along with the UAW were closing their eyes, crossing their fingers, and hoping things would magically turn themselves around before the money ran out.

Now, we see these “3 Little Piggies” groveling to Congress and the President for us–the American taxpayers to bail them out of the mess they’ve made for themselves.  You heard the story about these CEOs flying to Washington in separate private jets to panhandle, but you might not realize just how much these incompetent CEOs made last year. 

So let’s check that out.

General Motors Corp. CEO Rick Wagoner received compensation worth $15.7 million last year according to this USA Today article.  That was a 64% raise over the previous year for setting his company up for failure.  Even more amazing is GM stock has lost almost 90% of it’s value since its 2007 peak AND GM lost $2.5 billion that year.

Man, I wish they’d pay me millions to lose their money!

Chrysler is no longer a publicly owned company, and CEO Bob Nardelli’s compensation package seems to be a closely guarded secret.  According to this WSJ article, he’s not actually being compensated at the moment, but will receive compensation when/if he turns a profit for Cerebrus Capital Management which owns Chrysler LLC.  Of course, he probably doesn’t need a paycheck right now because he most likely still has plenty of the $210 million he received as a severance package when he left Home Depot, Inc. in 2007.

Anybody else having trouble feeling sorry for these guys?

That leaves us with the UAW leader Ron Gettelfinger.  Apparently, he made a much more modest salary of ~$150,000.  But, he represents the workers costing the Big 3 automakers ~$70 per hour.  Even though he’s sitting alongside the other 2 Little Piggies begging for the government to hand over taxpayers’ money, he doesn’t want to make concessions to get it.  Quite a few taxpayers who make far less than that would probably take issue with using their taxes to maintain that standard of living for UAW members.

If these Three Little Piggies’ groveling for your money makes you mad as Hell, call and/or email the White House and let them know you don’t want them bailed out with your money!

Email the White House at .

White House phone numbers: 

Comments:      202-456-1111
Switchboard:  202-456-1414
FAX:                  202-456-2461

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Three Little Piggies at the Public Trough

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Action Project for members of Top Conservatives on TwitterOperation Three Little Piggies.

From Reader/Photoshopper George of Elegant Memories

From Reader/Photoshopper George of Elegant Memories

We’re looking to expose the truth behind the waste and incompetence that led to the 3 Little Piggies’ (GM, Chrysler, and the UAW) present attempts to suckle the government tit (aka-your tax money).  If you’re wondering why Ford isn’t included, it’s because Ford isn’t demanding a handout from the government.

You’re probably aware by now that a majority of Americans are against any bailout of GM and Chrysler and that the “American Socialist Experiment Act” failed to pass in the US Senate.  Still though, our fight isn’t over.  Just today President Bush indicated he’s still considering subverting the will of the people by bailing the 3 Little Piggies out without congressional approval.

So, if you’re tired of sending your hard-earned money to Washington and having our elected officials hand it over to greedy little pigs feeding at Uncle Sam’s trough, we could use your help.  Read more here and here to see what you can do.

Working together we can stop the bailout!

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Follow Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) on Twitter

#TCOT:  C’mon folks.  Senator DeMint was a leader in the “Stop the Bailout” operation in the

Sen. DeMint (R-SC)

Sen. DeMint (R-SC)

Senate.  Every member of TCOT should be following him on Twitter.

From Senator DeMint’s blog:

Follow Jim DeMint on Twitter

December 9th, 2008

We know you are busy, so we don’t expect you to come to our site everyday. We are making it easier for you to stay up-to-date on the lastest DeMint news by getting more active on Twitter. Follow Senator DeMint @jimdemint.

Keep up the great work Senator! It’s great to know we still have some real conservatives on The Hill standing up for our values.

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Conservatives Springing to Life

Though many would have you believe the Republican Party is shuffling along to the sound of a funeral march after the blow dealt in last month’s elections, the GOP may actually rebound quicker than anyone anticipates. 

My father always told me you never lose a fight until you quit getting up after being knocked down.  Though many of the party leaders are still shaking their heads in disbelief, pointing fingers, and wondering just what in the Hell happened, small groups of passionate conservatives are springing into action in an effort to rejuvenate the party through a return to its conservative roots.

Organizations like Rebuild the Party (RTP) and Top Conservatives on Twitter (TCOT) are using social networking sites on the web to join forces, discuss strategy, and organize grassroots efforts.  Still in their infancy, these groups have quickly grown their numbers into the 1000’s. 

They’re not just trying to recruit new GOP voters though, they’re also working to have a say in the direction of the RNC.  Blogs and websites are springing up daily to carry the message that can counteract the liberal mainstream media’s domination of the supply chain for news and information.

Already, well-known politicians and activists like Mike Huckabee and Michelle Malkin have joined TCOT, and several of the candidates for RNC chairman have endorsed the RTP plan!

If you’re longing for a truly conservative Republican Party again, join us today and help make it happen!

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