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More UAW abuses

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This investigative report caught union bosses skipping out of work early, hours early, on a regular basis, leaving work to take care of personal business while remaining on the clock, and sleeping in while on the company dime.

Rescue 4 also reports posts on discussion boards at Ford admonishing those who tipped the reporters, saying the informants should be ashamed to call themselves UAW members and Ford employees.  Absolutely amazing what this mob mentality produces in defense of its indefensible actions.

The report also shows comments from UAW members who find the conduct of the union bosses unacceptable.  One even invited the investigators to do a report on his plant, saying it “would make this story look like nothing.”

Great job to Rescue 4 for taking on Little Piggie Gettelfinger’s organization.

Just remember ladies and gentleman, before you chose whether or not to fund this wasteful organization by deciding whether or not to purchase one of the Big 3’s vehicles.  Now, thanks to Bush and the Democrats in Congress, all of us who pay taxes are required to pitch in to pay these union bosses to sleep in and get haircuts.


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