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Gun control coming soon on Obama agenda?

Apparently there are no limits to the current administration’s willingness and ability to lie to propagate its liberal agenda.  It’s now known that the administration’s recent claims that 90% of weapons used in the Mexican drug war on our southern border come from the US are outright erroneous exaggerations.  The Obama administration has purposely presented as fact, false claims and propaganda with the intention of mobilizing the American people to join its crusade against the constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.

The President has loaded his cabinet with gun-haters in almost every critical position.  He’s tried hard to avoid political heat from gun-rights activists by keeping his anti-gun agenda in the background as he focuses his energy on fulfilling campaign promises for tax increases, apologizing to the US-hating international community, and drastically increasing the federal deficit, just to name a few.

Still, Obama’s desire to strip Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights boils to the surface from time to time, reminding everyone who’s paying attention that the battle for the survival of this fundamental right will likely blow to the fore in the near future. 

The gun-banning mentality of the administration reared its head last month when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Mexico.  Not only did Clinton place the blame on American drug addicts for the thousands of Mexicans dying at the hands of that country’s murderous drug cartels, but she went on to blame American guns (and by extension, law-abiding American who fight to preserve our 2nd Amendment rights) for the actions of the vicious criminals who prey on anyone who stands in their way. 

“Our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the deaths of police officers, soldiers and civilians.”

“Clearly, what we have been doing has not worked and it is unfair for our incapacity … to be creating a situation where people are holding the Mexican government and people responsible.  That’s not right.”

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton

The President himself publicly pronounced that American gun runners supplied 90% of the weapons used by Mexican drug cartels in their violent campaign to control the Mexican narcotics trade.  When faced with indisputable evidence that his claims invalid, he pulled a slick semantic trick reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s famous “definition of ‘is'” response and reiterated his false claims. Obama didn’t have a problem with the definition of “is,” but seems not to understand the meaning of the word “recovered.” 

The problem stems from the fact that the Mexican government actually “recovered” about 29,000 guns from crime scenes in 2007 & 2008.  Of those, 11,000 were submitted to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to trace their origins.  Of those submitted, only 6,000 were successfully traced and 5,114 of those 6,000 were found to have originated in the US.

Obama’s fictitious claims lead the American public to believe more than 26,000 of the 29,000 recovered firearms were supplied by gun-runners in the US.  The reality is that only 5,114 of the 29,000 fit that bill.  Obama’s 90% figure paints the picture that, if we strengthen our gun laws, Mexican society would be free of weapons and the violence would stop.  Looking past the administration’s propaganda, one realizes no such transformation will come from stripping Americans of their rights.

President Obama used the aforementioned misleading propaganda to outflank 2nd Amendment proponents by calling for the ratification of the UN treaty to ban small arms (aka CIFTA).  This treaty would give the UN authority to bypass Congress and regulate US gun laws.  Your constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms would be placed at the mercy of the anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-Democratic dictators around the world!

The President hasn’t given up his gun-ban ideology.  The battle may have been temporarily placed on the back burner, but it still looms on the horizon.  These recent manifestations of his perpetual hatred for the 2nd Amendment and its advocates may even mark the first shots.

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Why pardon this criminal?

Today, just in time for Christmas, President Bush pardoned 19 and commuted the sentence of another.  Though I couldn’t find details on all of them, most served their sentences long ago and this act simply restores rights that are denied to convicted felons.

I cannot understand why he pardoned this criminal, who is scheduled for release in February.

Reed Raymond Prior–Convicted of methamphetamine posession with intent to distribute. Sentenced to life in prison with 10 years of supervised release.

From his appeal filed February 27, 1997

Acting upon information that Prior was dealing in narcotics, police made numerous attempts to locate Prior. On May 2, 1995, police located Prior’s vehicle at a Motel 6 in Des Moines, Iowa. They observed Prior carrying bags to his car as he prepared to leave his room. Police officers followed Prior to a mini storage unit where they saw him transferring items from his vehicle to the storage unit. Police officers then obtained a search warrant for the storage unit and Prior’s vehicle. During the search, officers found a large quantity of methamphetamine in a duffle bag on the floor of the storage unit. In all, the police seized 869 grams of methamphetamine from the vehicle and storage unit. The police also seized a scale, other drug paraphernalia, and $17,690 in cash.

What’s the point in fighting the war on drugs if we’re not going to hold those who are caught accountable?  Crystal meth is a huge problem around here and its distribution deserves harsh penalties.  This drug is ruining lives every day.

Bush’s pardon of this dealer only emboldens others who prey on our children by selling this crap!

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