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The Communist Manifesto’s Road to Socialism through Democracy

by Gregory Flanagan on Free Republic

“Democracy and Socialism are inseparable.” – Vladimir Ilich Lenin

Socialists and many communists around the World have supported democracy as a means to a socialist and eventually a communist end. Karl Marx in The Communist Manifesto detailed his strategy for socialist revolution to eventually bring about full communism. Marx wrote: “We have seen… that the first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of the ruling class, to establish democracy. The proletariat will use its political supremacy to wrest by degrees all capital from the bourgeoisie; to centralize all of instruments of production in the hands of the state.” Marx said that democracy should be used to establish certain socialist policies to engineer the society toward communism.

I’d say that the United States, European states and most others around the world were following the strategy of the Communist Manifesto pretty well up to the 1980’s when they realized that economic socialism simply doesn’t work and they can’t make it work. Even though most socialist and communist countries have abandoned the idea of economic communism they still, out of habit, maintain other socialist policies which continue to violate fundamental rights.

Today socialists and neo-communists continue to promote their cause under the all encompassing umbrella of “democracy.”. Today’s socialists use the same old tired rhetoric that unregulated competition is bad and dangerous, that the consumer must be protected from his own ignorance or irresponsibility, they continue to support social engineering projects that undermine productivity, take away opportunity and leave those it was designed to help in poverty.

Of course what they support is socialism, but now they’ve substituted the word democracy for it, they claim that capitalism creates too much individualism, that it undermines collective responsibility and community involvement, all of which are code words for communism. To coerce collective thinking, the support coercive and even mandatory “community service.” The socialists who promote democracy do so because they believe that through organizing their special interest groups they will be able to use the political process to elect and impose their socialist system, which will become increasingly communistic.

*Emphasis mine

I found this article from 2005 and thought it deserved to be brought back to the fore in light of the recent bailouts.  The trend of government taking an ownership stake in private companies is clearly a part of Marx’s plan for the transition from capitalism to communism.

Stop the Bailouts!

Stop the Bailouts!

If you still favor these bailouts, look back at how communism worked in the USSR, China, Cuba, N. Korea, Eastern Europe, etc.  It amazes me how many people still think this government takeover of private industry is a good idea. 

Wake up people!  Let’s change course now before it’s too late.

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