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Now they passed it, and we still hate it!

by John Allison III, editor

The Obama-Pelosi-Reid branch of the Chicago mob now operating in Washington, DC bribed, cajoled, promised, and threatened their weak-kneed Democrat allies in the US House and Senate to convince a razor-thin majority of jackasses to ignore the will of the American electorate and put the locomotive in motion that will carry us on the 10-year journey to a US health care system completely controlled by Uncle Sam.

They celebrated their unpopular victory as conquerors…conquerors of subjects they rule rather than citizens they represent.

From the time the House of Representatives made their first plan public in July of last year, public approval has trended downward as the electorate read the bill and realized just how expansive and intrusive the plan was. Though approval spiked upward from time to time (especially during the President’s promotional tours fawned over by the mainstream media), Americans were never fooled for long.

President Obama and his Democrat henchmen (and henchwomen) continued to negotiate behind closed doors, ignore any GOP attempts to influence the negotiations, and campaign for the passage of the bill most American voters found abhorrent. Earlier this month, the President couldn’t even answer a reporter’s question about what was in the bill and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill so you can…uh…find out what is in it.”

Well, they did pass it and now we’re finding out what’s in it.

Obama got the expected bounce in the polls that comes with any nearly any political victory, but the bounce was temporary. Today, Rasmussen’s Presidential Approval Index is back at the same level as before the Sunday night vote…

For the dimwitted Democrats who believed the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-MSM tripe that we would love the bill once they crammed it down our throats, you were wrong (again)!

We still hate it!!!!!!!!

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March 28, 2010 - Posted by | Health Care


  1. John,

    Just curious…How did you feel about the healthcare coverage you enjoyed in the USMC..??


    Comment by Wren | March 29, 2010 | Reply

    • Honestly, I didn’t use it much. I had my nose broken in a fight one night and the MP’s made me go to the emergency room. Because it had happened before, I knew there was nothing they would do for it and I was right. After a long night spent waiting to be seen, I was released to make the long walk back to our squad bay. I wasn’t impressed.

      Another time on patrol, jumping out the back of a humvee at night, I hit my head on the radio carried by the man in front of me. The corpsman (note, not corpseman) made me go to the emergency room where they stitched the little scratch up and I returned to duty.

      That was pretty much my experience with the military medical system.

      Now, for the VA system. I registered with the VA immediately upon separation from active duty because that’s what they told us to do in our separations briefings. But I have never been treated for anything in a VA hospital.

      That’s because I have family members who go there, family members who come away from every appointment with a new prescription and never a cure for their ailment. It seems the VA does little more than treat symptoms from what I’ve observed, and rarely if ever cures or fixes anything.

      So, to answer your question. I wasn’t impressed.

      Comment by John Allison, III | March 29, 2010 | Reply

  2. Ok, that’s a fair enough answer. Then I suppose that you wouldn’t mind if the Pentagon helped the Federal Budget deficit by saving us (taxpayers) $200+ Billion dollars in its annual budget for military healthcare and VA benefits since its an unimpressive and under-utilized system.

    Comment by Wren | March 30, 2010 | Reply

    • Wren, you are a friggin douchbag. Who gives you the right to question the helthcare available to the Military? Because of the military we have our freedom and liberties. The least we can do to show our appreciation is to take care of them for sacrificing for us.

      You are such an a-hole.

      Comment by bob | October 4, 2010 | Reply


    Former H.W. Bush Secretary of State and White House Chief of Staff James Baker conveyed support for “the overwhelming majority of Barack Obama’s foreign policy agenda” in an interview last Wednesday night, the Texas Tribune reports.

    Comment by Wren | March 30, 2010 | Reply

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