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Well, well, well. Imagine that!

by John M. Allison III, editor

Suddenly, even the chief actuary for Medicare is reporting that Obamacare will…are you ready for this…INCREASE COSTS!

Of course, Richard S. Foster could probably have figured that out BEFORE the bill became law if he’d been given time. But in our pompous President’s haste to pass something…anything…real research and accurate reporting on the bill’s cost were secondary concerns to slapping his signature on a piece of parchment he could proclaim would “reform” health care!

After months of wrangling in meetings behind closed doors that excluded Republican legislators from participating in the crafting of the monstrous mound of paper an ink that will change the lives of virtually every American, and the deaths of many, Democrats finally agreed to break long-standing rules in both the Senate and the House so their members could pass the bill without being held accountable to their constituents.

The plan proved the Jackass Party would go to any lengths, to the lowest lows, break any tradition in order to set the US health care system up for an eventual government takeover. Because that’s what it would take to get the bill passed over the opposition of the strong majority of American voters who opposed the President’s plan.

Obama and his Socialist sycophants on Capitol Hill knew full well opposition would only grow if a complete and accurate study of the bill was conducted prior to the vote. So the jackasses in control in Washington made certain there wasn’t time for such a study.

But now, a month after our Socialist-in-Chief signed the bill into law and proclaimed the bill would “bring down health care costs for families and businesses and governments,” we get the truth.

The President and his pals raised our taxes so we will enjoy INCREASED HEALTH CARE COSTS!

That’s right. Now that Foster has had ample time to examine the Demo-Socialist plot to seize control of ANOTHER American industry, he reports that health care costs will increase by $311 billion. That’s $311 billion more than we would have paid if Congress had NOT placed us on a practically irreversible course to Socialism!

Remember, President Obama said health care costs would fall, and the bill would SAVE us money?

But, hey, at least everyone will be covered. Right?


Foster finds there will still be 23 MILLION without health care coverage in the US.

Even after spending another TRILLION DOLLARS for the luxury of paying MORE for our health care, after turning over life and death decisions to government bureaucrats, and after committing to an almost certain DECLINE in quality of care, there will still be 23 million uninsured in the US.

Are you angry yet?

Because we’re not through.

Foster also points out that Jackass Party promises of extending the viability of Medicare are based on assumptions that are highly unlikely. He states that Medicare cuts called for in the bill will make some hospitals and nursing homes unprofitable and that will result in a lack of access for Medicare recipients.

Rather than assume the Demo-Socialists will permit people to die when they’re turned out from unprofitable hospitals, Foster believes it’s more likely the pandering politicians will reverse the call for said cuts.

There goes the supposed deficit-neutral promise by Barack and his buddies on the Left in DC.

Basically, Foster’s report verifies what we conservatives have been stating since the House released its first version of Obamacare last summer.

Unless we repeal this law, we’re going to be paying more for less–in quantity and quality.

Be sure to write the White House and thank Chairman Barack.

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April 25, 2010 - Posted by | Health Care

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