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Presidential Approval Index hits new lows (again)

Rasmussen’s just released Daily Presidential Tracking Poll presents another first for our teleprompter-dependent President.  Today marks the first day Obama has enjoyed a negative double-digit Presidential Approval Rating!For the third day in a row, his overall approval rating remains below 50%.   Though many other polls still have the President with higher approval numbers, Rasmussen explains many of these polls survey all adults.

Overall, 49% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove. It is important to remember that the Rasmussen Reports job approval ratings are based upon a sample of likely voters. Some other firms base their approval ratings on samples of all adults. President Obama’s numbers are always several points higher in a poll of adults rather than likely voters. That’s because some of the President’s most enthusiastic supporters, such as young adults, are less likely to turn out to vote.

Obama’s plan to force a government takeover of the health care industry may well have been the straw that broke the camel’s back of public support.  As more and more citizen-journalists and other conservative activists continue daily exposing parts of Congress’ bill, more and more Americans learn the truth and see his plan for what it is.  Not a reform of the health care system to benefit patients, but a reform of the system to hand over control of our health care decisions to the bureacrats and politicians in Washington!
Keep up the pressure and remember to call your Congressmen and Senators this weekend.  Let them come to work Monday with overflowing voice- and e-mail boxes.  You can use the links on the right side of this page to find their contact info.

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